Another Gourmand World Cookbook Award Winner by Alessandra & Carolina Chumaceiro

After the remarkable recognition of achieving 3 Awards at the The World Book Gourmand Awards 2019 for the categories "B02 Best Book of The Year in All Categories", "F04 Latin America" and "C14 Latin America Published in Latin America"; we decided during lockdown in 2020 to embark on a new project to share with the world anti-inflammatory recipes to overcome the difficult situation we were navigating and again we had the privilege to win another award in the category "B14 Digital Book" at the Gourmand Awards 2021

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Our Story

Two sisters from Caracas, Venezuela, Alessandra and Carolina Chumaceiro, lawyer and interior designer, respectively who share a passion for cooking, overall health and wellness. This special project was born during our country’s most critical and difficult situation, needless to say, that living in a country where it’s hard to thrive as entrepreneurs and creative professionals, actual hard work, and perseverance, allows you to overcome challenges. It has been a true blessing in disguise. We will always be grateful to have each other in life, and these books were written to leave our legacy of family values, a mark for sisterhood, a story to tell, something our generations to come could be proud of.

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